What To Expect From An All-Encompassing Payroll Software Integration

By admin | January 7, 2022

The synchronization of existing payroll management system software with other systems and programs is called payroll software integration. This integration can be with any company software whatsoever, such as an accounting program or an employee scheduling software.

The concept of payroll software integration was popularized because, for any business, time is money. Since you save a lot of time when you do not have to enter the same payroll information into different programs time, and again, payroll integration does emerge as a pivotal task for modern-day businesses.

When such integrations are completed without any flaws, it gives rise to a glitch-free workflow and allows your organization to automate several mundane daily processes without any hassle.

Six applications to Integrate With Your Payroll Software

Time and Attendance

Using the traditional paper timesheets to mark attendance for the employees does not work well in a fast-moving world. There are errors, malpractices, and shortcomings in the work hours calculated this way.

A time and attendance software lets you and your employees continuously track their work hours. It also helps prevent malpractices with features like geofencing, mobile clock-in, clock-out, or others that may be customized based on the employee’s convenience.

But the real catch here is that if you do not integrate the time and attendance software with your payroll software, you miss out on a significant opportunity to optimize the work hours data to calculate the paychecks.

With such integrations, you can automatically extract the work hours data for payment calculation purposes.

Workers’ Compensation

A state-run worker’s compensation program provides coverage and protection to employees paid through taxes to the employer.

However, if the provision is not available in a State, every company will have to purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage independently. The company will even have to send employee payment records to the insurance provider to process the claim.

When you integrate the payroll software with the workers’ compensation software, this data keeps getting shared automatically, allowing insurance providers to check it for themselves and process compensations accordingly.

Human Resource Software

The Human Resource department deals with many records about employee information. The sharing of employee records present in the HR database helps modify work profiles and payouts as per the data.

In addition, you can easily manage aspects like benefits calculation and changes in salary with changing employee status with HR and payroll management software integration.

Accounting Software

Good accounting software gives you consistent information about the monetary reporting and budgeting of the organization.

When integrated with payroll software, data like money paid for taxes or compensation amounts can be used to maintain the correct general ledger of the organization and manage the accounts payable more effectively.

Employee Scheduling Software

To make the process of payroll calculations more sophisticated and accurate, its integration with employee scheduling software is a must.

This integration allows the information like paid-time-off, employee positions, etc., in employee scheduling software to be migrated into the payroll software database to be further processed for the paycheck calculation.

Expense Reporting Software

An expense reporting software allows employees to report monthly expenditures like mileage, travel, etc., to the employer.

Once this software is integrated with the payroll software, employers can easily track the reimbursement requests and the necessary documentation to process reimbursements quickly.

Over to you!

For your business software to become more user-friendly and practically beneficial, you will have to integrate them with the payroll software. Integrum cloud-based HR and payroll solutions are designed to uphold your business values and give you a good grip on everyday business tasks.

We offer seamless payroll integration that makes data easy to access and process quickly. Do away with redundant methods of payroll calculations and take benefits of seamless movement of data across departments with Integrum’s employee payroll management systems.

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