What Is Recruiting Software? Everything You Need To Know

By Kiran Shetty | September 13, 2021

What Is Recruiting Software? Everything You Need To Know

Recruiting software can be termed as an umbrella for all varieties of recruitment-related software and used in the recruitment system. It comprises diverse technological solutions functional for every part of the recruitment funnel. That means everything from sourcing and attracting applicants to preselecting, interviewing, and subsequently hiring them. Albeit it formally begins only after a recruit joins the company, onboarding is increasingly perceived as a portion of the recruitment procedure too.

What’s the use of Recruiting Software?

The primary purpose behind adopting recruiting software is obviously to automate and advance your recruitment system. Especially while you’re dealing with excessive volumes of applicants, it turns impossible to manually maintain track of every individual’s development and level in the funnel.

The most common advantages of recruiting software are as follows:

  • Saves time expend on tiresome duties – Even if only a dozen applicants have applied for a job position, arranging interviews, answering queries, and confirming appointments pretty much takes up lots of your time. Automating the recurring, hectic recruiting tasks that necessarily form a part of your recruitment method, saves employers plenty of time. The time that they can instead invest in constructing a relationship with applicants. Recruiting software program aids to lessen the time required to hire by speeding up the hiring procedure.
  • Improves employer productivity – By utilizing recruitment software, recruiters can be more productive. Except that many time-consuming responsibilities are automated, most of the software under recruitment software is cloud-based which allows employers to work whenever and wherever.
  • Boosts applicants’ experience – Whenever a process is manually implemented, there are bound to be some blunders and inefficiencies. You would want to avoid this kind of situation while you’re managing applicants. The recruitment software program allows you to cast off inefficiencies from your hiring system. You can take help from a recruitment tool to ensure applicant interviews are timely arranged and confirmed, to make sure that every candidate is evaluated unbiasedly, and receives impartial treatment during interview questions, etc.
  • Enhances applicant diversity – Recruitment software can assist organizations to make their hiring procedure far less biased and consequently appeal to a more diverse candidate pool. An AI-powered device will let you make up a job advertisement that won’t use phrases or sentences that can offend female applicants or applicants from an ethnic minority. All applicants undergo the same unbiased online experience and are evaluated based on their attitude and answers instead of on their gender, name, or picture.

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What are the Software Functions?

Recruiting software is built to support numerous functions consisting of:

  • Sourcing – Advertising available positions via job postings, career websites, skill or talent communities, and social media.
  • Applicant tracking – Monitoring the candidate’s workflow together with resume screening, evaluating, interviewing, and background checks.
  • Hiring analytics – A dashboard reporting KPIs and funnel metrics consisting of fill time, source of recruit, and candidate-to-interview ratio.
  • Pre-recruit evaluation and background checking – It consists of personality evaluation, cognitive and talent testing, and reference and background checking.
  • Onboarding – Coaching and orientation of recruits.

What are the Software Features?

There are plenty of features that hiring and talent acquisition groups search for in recruiting software programs. However, the three principal features are SaaS, integration, and mobile functionality.

  • Software as a service (SaaS) – Software as a service (SaaS) has emerged out to be the supreme software program model throughout departments. The latest survey of HR tech subscribers discovered that 40% of them only think of SaaS solutions to improve their HR technology.
  • Integration – In place of all-in-one HRM tools, best-of-breed recruiting software program marketplaces have turned out to be the popular go-to alternative for satisfying particular recruiting requirements. Vendors like ATSs have identified the value of building a marketplace of complementary hiring equipment that combines effortlessly with their systems. These marketplaces permit talent acquisition and hiring leaders to effortlessly look for and evaluate recruiting equipment, that enables them to be extra nimble, cost-effective, and progressive in finding the proper solution for their wants.
  • Mobile functionality – Employers understand that they can’t neglect mobile in the modern day. According to LinkedIn: 75% of active applicants have surfed through a company’s mobile site or explored career opportunities of their mobile inbox, 45% of applicants have applied through mobile, and 20% of applicants have used a phone to post a CV.

Other preferred recruiting software program features include:

  • Social recruiting
  • Texts to applicants
  • EEOC compliant
  • Branded career portal
  • Free trial or version

Software Tools for Employers

The most standard software program tools utilized in hiring are ATSs, CRMs, and interviewing software.

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – An applicant monitoring machine (ATS) is the crucial hub for processing activity candidates from organizing activity postings, processing resumes, and monitoring interviews.
  • Candidate relationship management (CRM) – A candidate relationship management tool is built to enable employers to actively source applicants by constructing talent pools and cultivating them via recruitment marketing.
  • Interviewing software – Online interviewing has turned out extraordinarily popular because of its convenience. Using the software, employers can organize real-time interviews online or watch pre-recorded interviews on their own.

Generally, software for hiring targets makes work less complicated for recruiting departments and provides a better experience to applicants. Beyond that all-inclusive objective, every recruitment software program company will have an exclusive way to cowl the recruiting requirements of organizations.

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