Recruitment Software and its Features

By admin | June 21, 2022

Recruitment software automates many of the tasks that recruiters perform manually. Using this software can help you make better decisions about the best candidates for the open positions. Automated applications, assessments, and evaluations can save time and energy for both recruiters and hiring managers. Some software also offers onboarding elements to help you, onboard new employees. Regardless of the type of recruiting software you choose, it will make the hiring process easier.

Recruiting software comes in wide varieties and is available in different price ranges. It can be a standalone solution or part of an overall HRIS. Cost-conscious buyers can also choose an affordable solution. Choose a solution depending on the type of recruiting your company does and the functionality it needs to perform its job effectively. Some applications can integrate with other tools, including social media. The software you choose should be tailored to your recruiting process and budget.

Recruitment management system features

Let us discuss the Recruiting Software features you should look for. It will also cover how AI can help you manage your passive candidates. The software that you choose must have the right features for your needs.

Finding talent and Attracting talent

Online hr recruitment software offers a central database for all recruiting efforts, including candidate relations, employee onboarding, and employee referral systems. It can be used to create custom careers pages and receive referrals from employee referral portals, request video interviews from qualified applicants, and send offer letters through text message. Best of breed recruiting tools have integrations with other business applications, such as HR systems and ERP systems. With so many choices, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  • Automating time-consuming tasks

Using recruiting automation software can save you both time and energy. There are two primary reasons why candidates leave the hiring process. One is that they don’t know what to do next. The other is that they aren’t sure what to expect after they apply. Email communication is effective but time-consuming. Recruiting automation software can help you nurture top candidates and save you time.

  • Intelligent Resume Parsing

Intelligent Resume Parsing in recruiting software has a number of benefits. It can help streamline and automate processes, as well as reduce the time and expense of manual transactions. ATS-compatible parsers save time and manual entry and integrate seamlessly with existing recruiting software. Integrum’s platform includes an in-built resume parser, which generates structured data output for recruiting workflow applications. Its data extraction capabilities help you extract vacancy and candidate details from any document type.

  • Passive candidate management

Passive candidates are the kind of applicants who don’t actively search for job openings and apply for positions. Instead, hiring managers utilize other methods to find candidates. These methods can include asking current employees for recommendations, searching through attractive LinkedIn profiles, consulting professional websites and community forums, or utilizing various recruiting technologies. Some passive candidates may even be discovered through social media. In the end, recruiting software is a valuable tool for companies to utilize to find the best candidates.

  • Automated Candidate Sourcing

The use of automated sourcing tools can be beneficial for many reasons. For one, it can streamline the sourcing process for your company. For another, it can make the whole recruiting process more fun. Some recruiters consider sourcing to be a mundane, time-consuming task. Automated sourcing helps make the sourcing process easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Before sourcing candidates, make sure you know what type of position you need to fill. You can start by interviewing the hiring manager or a current employee.

  • Job Board Integrations

Integrum, the best recruitment management software, powers several Job Board Integrations. Integrum lets recruiters and HR administrators manage job listings. New job requisitions are automatically posted to external job boards. Job postings can be upgraded to sponsored jobs, and HR administrators can manage them in a single place. They can also see which job listings are active. Adding Job Board Integrations to your recruiting software will streamline the hiring process and save you time and energy.

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

The UX (user-experience) of recruiting software is crucial to ensure that your staff is happy with the tool. If you’re switching between systems frequently, it can cause a lot of stress and time waste. Integrums’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy to navigate and manage every aspect of your recruiting process, making it the best hr recruitment software. There are also plenty of other features to help streamline your recruiting process, including unlimited users, project flows, notes, and in-app chat.

  • Automated Email Communication

Recruiting automation software includes two-way email synchronization. This feature automatically records all email communication. If the software has synced with your email account, it can automatically read emails from Outlook or your mailbox. Two-way email sync synchronizes messages from any device or interface. Some implementations can even delete emails right from the software! If you’re a recruiter, automated email communication features of recruiting software can streamline your work.

Recruiting software India can streamline the hiring process and attract the best candidates. It can eliminate hours and days of tedious manual work. Recruiting software automates the screening process for you, saving you hundreds of hours of time. Using this software, you can focus on the most important aspects of hiring. Recruitment software can also increase the speed of hiring. By ensuring that your hiring process is smoother and faster, you can attract better candidates and increase your company’s bottom line.

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