Reasons Why HR Management Software is Good for Your Business

By Kiran Shetty | July 8, 2021

For any business to be successful, it must recruit, retain and utilize a productive workforce. Most enterprises expedite the activities related to workforce management through their HR (Human Resource) department. But often, it is challenging for HR to manually keep track of huge volumes of employee-related data.

Automated, cloud-based HR management systems like the ones provided by Integrum then come to the rescue. Integrum offers one of the best HR software in the market at present.

Features of Integrum HR management software that makes HR tasks easier, faster, and more accurate:

  • Recruitment and Selection – The HYRE software ensures that job listings for your enterprise get posted to all top recruitment portals simultaneously, and then, candidate applications are screened through an AI integrated process to create a shortlist of the best candidates. The onboarding and verification process for new recruits can also be completely automated and made paperless by using the PORT software.
  • Employee Life Cycle Management and Payroll – The APPI HR management system has automated billing, payroll, and pay-out modules built into it. This software calculates an employee’s regular salary using variables like attendance, leaves taken, etc, and ensures on-time payment of salaries, reimbursements, and any other payment. It manages and tracks every stage in the employee life cycle from the time of onboarding till the employee is separated. The APPI software also has a self-service portal for employees to check their payslips, apply for leave online, punch in their attendance, and declare their investments towards tax savings. The self-service portal offers has a repository for employee documents, HR policies, and a benefit club for the employees.
  • Employee Performance – There are many processes involved in managing the employee of an enterprise. One of the most important activities for HR is monitoring employee performance and providing workers necessary feedback or recognition. But the larger the workforce of an enterprise, the more difficult this process becomes. The RISE software solves all talent management issues for SMEs. There are virtual scorecards for all employees that track their performance from multiple KRAs. The RISE software also has features for weekly feedback from reporting managers and quarterly employee performance reports that are produced based on these records of performance scores. An enterprise can personalize its own KPIs using the RISE system. Integrum software uses the cloud to host its HRMS applications. This guarantees safe storage of huge amounts of employee data for as long as necessary. This makes employee relationship management much easier and more effective.
  • Talent Identification and Retention – The RISE software can recognize top employees with potential for future growth who can be retained, groomed, and selected for training programs. Regular feedback also helps to remove roadblocks in manpower productivity. The APPI software, once configured with the employee life cycle of an enterprise, can track any worker’s development across salary revisions, role changes, transfers, and separation.
  • Benefits and Compensation – The payroll software of APPI tracks an employee’s pay-outs in terms of revisions, contract extensions, and contract terminations. It also ensures that all salaries, ad-hoc payments, and reimbursements for employees are cleared and paid on time.
  • Billing and Invoicing – The Integrum HR management system also has ICON software for billings and collections. This ensures timely generations and sharing of enterprise invoices with clients and vendors and on-time collection of these dues. An automated system ensures complete transparency in the financial health of an enterprise.

Integrum provides one of the best HR software with many different systems dedicated to specific functions. The HR management systems work by reducing the time and effort required for employee management and payment-related activities. This saves the enterprise a lot of financial as well as manpower resources that can then be redirected towards more productive purposes.

The automated, unbiased HR management software of Integrum also reduces much of the issues regarding transparency and employee discontentment that crops up in many enterprises and keeps both employees and employers satisfied.