Perfomance Management Software

Perfomance Management Software

Measure and govern performance of members, identify top talent and provide meaningful feedback at regular intervals.

Top performing employees are an asset to any organisation. High performance can be effectively extracted through clarity of individual role and responsibilities, expected, mutually agreed and measurable goals and objectives, transparent and clear feedback on actions undertaken, timely guidance and motivation from the reporting manager. For most companies, this operational pattern cannot be replicated in an efficient and consistent manner, unless there are defined processes that are put in place and are followed religiously without any compromise. A uniformity of such good practices can be achieved across all sections within the organisation through the usage of an employee performance management software.

What is Performance Management Software?

A performance or talent management software system helps you configure key result areas (KRAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on roles and applicability. These roles are mapped to employees and for each individual employee, measurable targets can be set. The performance of such targets can be measured against the actual output achieved. These data points can be aggregated to identify top talent within the organisation and also identify those employees who would need additional support to achieve their targets.

Integrum Technologies offers RISE (Regular Individual Success Evaluation), a workflow driven employee performance management system to help organisations identify their top talent and offer an early feedback mechanism.

Never break a sweat in managing your workforce

Capture and collate performance data, rank high and low performers and derive deep insights into individual contribution of members

KPI Management Software

Key Performance Indicators

Early Feedback


Multiple Reporting Frequencies

Pipeline Visibility


KPI Management

  • Define key indicators for performance to be measured
  • Define weightage for every key indicator
  • Define reporting frequencies for every KPI
You can create any number of business roles based on your organisational structure using this tool. For each role, you can assign the required KPIs and assign their weightages. The individual KPI weightages can be overridden at an individual employee level.
Employee Performance Management Software

Performance Management

  • Map performance indicators for every business role
  • Set targets, measure actuals and view pipeline
  • Provide early feedback to members
The core functionality of this talent management system is performance management. You can configure various Target-Actual-Pipeline data points for each employee and business role. Performance trends can be evaluated based on these data points. One of the biggest challenges during performance evaluation is the lack of correct and reliable data. This tool helps collect and track data at regular intervals.
Talent Management System


  • Get quick insights from Dashboards
  • Rank and identify top performers using Scorecards
  • Identify progress of members using Activity Reports
This KPI management software can be configured to generate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. Managers and top management can evaluate the metrics and reports on the dashboard. It will provide them the required visibility on the progress being achieved within the organisation. Scorecards and Activity reports lend data insights at a granular level.
Talent Management Software

Alerts and Notifications

  • Receive automated weekly feedback from reporting manager
  • Receive automated quarterly performance report
  • Get automated mailers on High and Low performers
RISE performance management tool can be configured to send automated reminders, notifications, and feedback. Notifications and alerts of employees who don’t meet their target KPIs can be sent to the employees and the manager for feedback and immediate action. The tool can also be configured to send notifications of high performers to motivate the employees.
Perfomance Management Software

Benefits of Performance Management Software

The biggest benefit of an employee performance management system is that it helps streamline the process of evaluation of individual performance while being transparent and objective. The tool can help provide easy access and deep insights into productivity of employees at regular intervals. It gives managers the opportunity to relay feedback early to their members and in the process helps the members to course correct their deliverables.

For employees, constructive feedback can encourage them to work towards exceeding their individual targets and goals. The best benefit of using a KPI management tool is that it enables the employees to have a clear idea of the expectations from the top management and the steps that they need to follow to reach their goals. Also, this tool helps employers identify competencies and skill gaps, which can help in setting up employee development programs.


RISE or Regular Individual Success Evaluation is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that helps you configure, track, and monitor an employee’s key performance indicators. The entire performance evaluation process can be made transparent and regularised. Multiple KPIs and roles can be assigned to any number of employees in an organization. It also allows real-time reporting and tracking for enhanced efficiency. The tool also provides trends based on the data points, which will help the top executives get a clear visibility of the progress of key objectives.

If you are interested in setting up a transparent and unbiased performance evaluation and management system in your organisation, invest in RISE performance management software. To know more about our talent management software and how you can effectively use it in your organisation, contact us right away.



Monthly Yearly
1999 /month

( Upto 20 employees)



per additional employee


( Upto 20 employees)



per additional employee

Integrum helped us with a system that gives us excellent visibility of the bright spots and dark corners in the Company. The performance tracker has helped consolidate business data efficiently, providing excellent derivation of insights into individual contribution.

Aditya Narayan Mishra



Facilitates real-time governance and reporting of workforce performance.

Serves as an early feedback mechanism for members.

Performance trends can be derived using the various Target and Actual data points.

Scorecard for ranking performance and identifying your top performers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RISE performance management software maps key performance indicators (KPI) to employees through their business role. The targets need to be set by the reporting manager of the employee and in every required interval, the employee is expected to submit the actuals achieved against each KPI. This data along with the weightage defined for each KPI helps identify the progress of the KPI.

Feedback on individual performance is conveyed directly to employees through automated weekly mails scheduled in the performance management software. The employees can also log into the portal with their credentials to check the feedback at any point. Quarterly feedback mails can also be setup.

RISE, apart from being a performance management software also doubles up as a talent management system by providing an early feedback mechanism. With feedback reaching the employees faster than ever, an opportunity to course-correct is extended much early. Top talent can be tracked easily and can be kept motivated with early feedback.

KPIs can be defined daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.

RISE being a talent management system as well, provides a performance Scorecard which ranks employees basis their performance, KPI weightage and percentile weightage among similar KPIs. Using this ranking, top performers and employees needing assistance can be easily identified.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time. The refund for annual/monthly subscriptions will be done within 30 days based on prorata basis.

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