Time Off Tracking

Time Off Tracking

Keeping track of time is an important aspect of not just your personal life but also of your professional life. In the world of business, time tracking is crucial for improving productivity and streamlining work in a more effective way. This is why a time off tracking software is one of the important tools that companies are introducing to their business.

What is a Time off Management Software?

Time off management is a software that keeps track of the attendance of employees and the leaves that they have availed. It gives management a complete detail of the productivity of employees and helps them track the time that employees remain away from their work. The software is also useful for employees who can check their leave balance and the leave policies of the organization with the help of the software.

How Does it Work?

A time off management software stores information on the work schedule of the employees of an organization. As a result, it can furnish reports on the attendance of employees. Both the company HR and the employees can view leave requests and their status. They can also check leave balances and other details related to attendance. The management can integrate the company calendar with the software so that all the holidays of the organization become visible on the platform. The purpose of the management software is, thus, to make the tracking of time an uncomplicated process.

Benefits of Time Tracking

Time tracking is useful for organizations in many different ways.

  • Manage Employee Productivity

Time tracking allows organizations to track the productivity of their employees. You can use the software to find out the productive hours of employees. Based on this, you can also identify the task or department or task that has a shortage or an excess of resources.

  • Track Applicants

Using a time off tracking software, you can keep track of the progress made in the hiring of employees. You can track scheduled interviews of applicants with the necessary departments to ensure the process goes smooth for both the parties and within the stipulated time. You can also collaborate with your team more effectively using a time tracker.

  • Gain Workflow Transparency

Time tracker can assist employees with the prioritization of their work. When employees have clear data of the amount of time they spend on each task, they can manage their time more efficiently to find sufficient time for the more important tasks.

  • Identify Billable Hours

Time tracking can help organizations to identify the tasks that require more or less hours for completion. They can use this information to accurately determine the total hours that they must be billing their clients for. This, in turn, will ensure a fair business for both the client and the organization.

Types of Time Tracking

Time tracking software can be used for different projects based on the size of the team as well as the purpose of the tracker.

  • Personal Based

There are time trackers that help individuals to find out the time they spend on the digital platforms. They can then use the information to reduce their unproductive hours and use them in doing productive tasks. However, these trackers are more suitable for a small sized team as they cannot integrate well with multiple resources or platforms.

  • Project Based

For organizations that need to monitor the time their employees spend on each project, a project-based tracker is the best option. These trackers can provide detailed information on the time spent on the different aspects of the project.

About Integrum HR Onboarding Software

The HR onboarding software of Integrum is a tool that facilitates the recruitment and onboarding process of organizations. The software allows recruiters to conduct the entire lifecycle of onboarding digitally. It also helps the new joiners enjoy a smooth onboarding process. You can easily configure the software to your existing system and speed up the ongoing recruitment in your organization by keeping a better track of time.

So, for making business administration easier, use a time off tracking software. The software can keep the employees and the concerned departments updated of the productive hours. It can help employees in checking their leave balance and applying for time offs from their work. It can also facilitate the onboarding of new employees in the organization.

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