Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking

The first and most important aspect of hiring new employees is finding the right ones to interview. Often this process itself becomes tiring and time-consuming for recruiters as they need to conduct a search from among a number of applications. To resolve this issue, companies are now turning to softwares like the applicant tracking system. This is a reliable software that makes it easier to find the appropriate applicants for a job.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a tool that allows companies to find suitable applicants based on their skills and experience. The software stores the data of job applicants so that the HR of a company can easily filter the most appropriate candidate for their job posting. This automates as well as simplifies the headhunting process.

How do Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

Applicant Tracking System uses technologies like artificial intelligence to match the resumes of job applicants with the relevant job posting. The software uses keywords and other technological means to help recruiters find the desired candidate profile on the job portal. Recruiters can note their feedback about candidates using the tracking system. This helps them in filtering the suitable ones easily after they have viewed the profile of all the job seekers. The tracking system also assists job seekers in submitting their resumes from any device and any location, further facilitating the process of finding candidates for organizations.

Features of Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking systems have some appealing features that make them ideal for the fast-paced recruitment process.

  • AI Integration

The applicant tracking system is integrated with an AI. This allows recruiters to identify talents more conveniently for the required job position. It also assists recruiters with the designing of assessments for evaluating the behaviour of candidates. In short, AI integration automates some of the basic yet crucial aspects of finding suitable applicants.

  • Time Saving

Applicant tracking systems can reduce the time recruiters take to fill-up a vacancy. It can browse through the applications faster, match resumes with more relevance, and also offer the applicants a good experience.

  • Easy Access

Companies can find job seekers from any location and device using an applicant tracking system. Recruiters can screen candidates and even schedule interviews while attending some other work.

What are the Benefits of an ATS?

There are a number of ways that companies can benefit from using an applicant tracking system.

  • Speed up the time to fill-in vacancies
  • Find the best match for the job with the help of advanced technological tools
  • Communicate with applicants easily
  • Provide a great hiring experience to candidates
  • Keep the screening process organized and maintain track of all necessary data related to the applicants

Why do you need an Applicant tracking system?

Applicant tracking systems are one of the best tools to make the process of recruitment more convenient. Rather than screening the profiles of a number of job seekers to find the right one, recruiters can screen only the suitable ones using the tracking system. They can also shoot rejection emails to the applicants to ensure they hear back from the company. This is good for the brand of the company as it gives applicants a positive image about the organization.

How to select the best Applicant Tracking System?

The best tracking system is the one that can let you bookmark or preserve the important files so that you can start off from where you left instead of beginning again. Additionally, you must be able to filter candidates appropriately based on the requirements of the job. There are some other tasks that an efficient applicant tracking system must be able to assist you with, such as obtaining candidate profiles from multiple sources, conducting unbiased assessments for applicants, and connecting with teams internally.

About Integrum HR Onboarding Software

Integrum provides recruiters with an onboarding software that can automate the process of filtering the right candidates for the open positions. Recruiters can use the software to schedule interviews with candidates that satisfy the job requirements and even collect and verify their documents with the software. This can make seeking appropriate candidates a fast and hassle-free process.

So, for obtaining better search results of candidates for jobs, use an applicant tracking system. The efficiency of the software in fetching appropriate profiles to match the job requirements can help you in saving a lot of time in finding new employees.

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