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Welcome to India’s best online recruitment software. Introducing HYRE – to find the best candidates at the click of a button. You can now make hiring easy, efficient and enjoyable with intelligent automation and AI-driven features offered by HYRE.

What is a Recruitment Management System?

Recruitment management system is a platform to streamline and optimize the hiring processes of an organisation. This platform should provide capabilities such as posting and managing job requirements, parsing CVs, manage applicant tracking and provide insightful analytics, apart from building an internal candidate repository.

Recruiting in the present world is fast paced and more competitive than ever. Identifying the right talent among vast volume of profiles that are processed can be an arduous task and staying ahead of competition has become a necessity. HYRE offers you the platform to achieve both. The AI-driven recruitment software offers all the means and methods to address your hiring needs and makes the whole journey of recruiting organized and transparent. Improve your productivity and stay ahead in the game.

Make hiring easy, efficient and enjoyable

AI enabled logic identifies the best matching profiles and auto-suggests them instantly whenever you preview a requirement. Now hire good candidates faster and shift to a new normal.

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Features of Recruitment Management Software

Job Requirement Management

  • HYRE can manage your job requirements effectively and increase the reach of your candidate sourcing by broadcasting the open positions into popular job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Jobs, etc. By amplifying your hiring needs across multiple channels, you can exponentially increase the chances of getting the right candidate.
Recruitment Management Software

Candidate Database

  • The growth of your candidate database can be accelerated in 8 different approaches while using HYRE. Candidates can be added in an instant from job boards using Chrome extensions. Profiles lying in your mail inbox and folders can also be accessed and parsed into the candidate database. Social medium responses from candidates also result in candidate profile creation in the database.
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Applicant Tracking System

  • A unique differentiator in the application is the auto-suggest feature that alerts the users on matching candidates from the internal database immediately after a job requirement is created. Candidates can be reached over mail or SMS to assess their interest level in a job requirement. A candidate thereafter can be tracked at every stage of the recruitment cycle, from being longlisted to getting hired.
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Configurable hiring workflows

  • The hiring workflow for a job requirement can be configured and kept flexible in HYRE. Profiles can be shared from the application, multiple levels of interview can be setup, client feedback for your candidates can be captured, offers can be made and system generated mails at every stage can be triggered.
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AI enablement

  • HYRE is enabled with artificial intelligence that allows certain monotonous tasks to be automated while hiring for a job requirement. For example, the fitment of a candidate to a requirement can be understood in an instant, a recruiter’s initial task of connecting with a candidate to obtain the primary information can be automated and continuous search to auto-source new profiles, either on job boards or internal database can also be configured.
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Team Collaboration

  • Job requirements created in the application can be shared with other team members and colleagues. Sharing a requirement is very easy and flags are available to indicate and differentiate jobs shared by you and jobs that are shared with you. Access controls can be defined to specify the stages in a hiring cycle you would want your collaborators to contribute.
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Additional Features

  • HYRE comes equipped with other additional features to maximise the hiring experience. Instant parsing from job boards using Chrome extensions and alerts to indicate similar candidates available in internal database are some of them. Dashboards and reports help in easy access to recruitment data.
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Integrum helped us with a system that gives us excellent visibility of the bright spots and dark corners in the Company. The performance tracker has helped consolidate business data efficiently, providing excellent derivation of insights into individual contribution.

Aditya Narayan Mishra



HYRE is unmatched as a human resource recruitment software. HYRE helps you find the right talent in the most efficient way. It saves time, improves productivity and provides complete transparency and visibility of the hiring process. Enabled with AI, sourcing and parsing of profiles, filtering of candidates for fitment and digital engagement with candidates facilitates ease of hiring . With 8 different ways to add candidates to your database, auto-sourced and auto-assessed, there’s no need for you to look elsewhere. Shift to a new norm, shift to our digital recruitment software!

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HR Recruitment Software FAQs

HYRE recruitment management softwarewill help a recruiter improve their productivity in the following areas,

  • publishing jobs across multiple channels by clicking a single button
  • auto-sourcing and filtering best fit candidates responding from multiple channels
  • auto-reach to candidate and collating the candidate preferences.

HYRE recruitment management softwareis modular and can be integrated with other existing applications.

HYRE is acloud basedrecruitment softwareand is hosted on Azure cloud.

HYREis apt as a recruitment agency software. Features like offer letter generation and billing can also be added into this module.

In this recruitment management software, the data of all the candidates sourced by your organisation belongs to your organisation.

Free trial period is offered for 15 days and there is no upfront payment or credit card information required.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time. The refund for annual/monthly subscriptions will be done within 30 days based on prorata basis.

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