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Integrum offers for the first time in India, a payroll software that lets you complete your payroll and salary payouts in 2 simple steps. Come experience the change.

Making on time salary payments to employees every month has always been a key objective of most companies. The work that goes behind the calculation of salary for employees can at times be very stressful and time consuming. The reasons could be attributed to the dependency and need for timely receipt of inputs like attendance, leaves and other pay-outs and the perpetual need to be accurate with the salary computations and statutory obligations. All the stress and manual work can be addressed with an efficient HR and payroll management software. A modern day payroll management system should be capable of automating salary calculations and other processes and thus enhance the overall experience for the end users.

What is HR Payroll Management Software?

In simple words, a payroll management system is a software application that helps compute the individual salary and other pay-outs of employees every month. The best payroll software that you are looking for, should be capable of integrating with external systems like online attendance systems, expense management systems, accounting software, etc and make available all the required employee documents on a self service portal in the quickest time possible. Integrum Technologies offers APPI, India’s first fully automated payroll software that lets you complete the payroll and salary payouts in 2 simple steps. It is suited for SMEs, staffing agencies and professional services companies who would experience the software to be tailor made to their requirements.

Make you existing manual payroll activities a thing of the past

With work flows and rules driving automation, stay in control of payroll calculations and their accuracy. Spend lesser time in completing your payroll and delight your employees with perpetual on-time salary payments.

HR Payroll System - HRMS and Payroll Software

Workflow driven

Future ready with API connectors

Multi-country payrolling capability

Tailor made for Staffing Agencies

4-week implementation time for SMEs


Online Attendance

  • Configure and define organisation hierarchies
  • Punch IN/OUT and capture real-time attendance
  • Maintain rosters and regularise attendance
This attendance module allows companies and staffing agencies to check and regularise the leave and attendance of all the employees. As this system is cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime using valid credentials.
Payroll management System Software

Payroll to Payout

  • Calculate and complete payroll in just one click.
  • Make employee payments directly from the application in just one click
  • Breeze through easy-to-use interfaces with minimal clicks
  • Manage Adhoc payments, advances and reimbursements
From calculating leaves and loss of pay to computing allowances and reimbursements, the tool handles every aspect of salary calculation and other payments. It also ensures adherence to all statutory and compliance regulations.
HR and Payroll management Software

Employee Life cycle management

  • Employee Life cycle management
  • Confirm separations and auto-generate settlement and experience letters
  • Generate required HR letters in a jiffy
The entire life cycle of an employee, from the time he/she is onboarded till he/she is separated, can be maintained seamlessly using the payroll software. Salary increments, redesignation and relocation data can be easily captured in the application.
Cloud Based HR and Payroll - cloud payroll Software

Leave Management

  • Define company leave policies
  • Track and regularise leaves
  • Auto-credit leave on calendar rollover
The configuration of leave policies based on each client’s specifications, can be setup effortlessly. Leave requisition is workflow driven with manager approval mechanism. Leave balances of employees can be tracked and managed easily.
Payroll and Billing Software - Automated Payroll

Compliance and Remittances

  • Auto-generate statutory compliance reports
  • Get alerts and notifications on remittances and filing
  • Future ready for online remittances
This cloud payroll software will auto-generate the statutory reports on completion of payroll and uses notifications to alert users on remittance dates. It is also kept future ready for online remittances.
Payroll Management System  - HR Payroll Software India

Billing and Invoicing options

  • Define contract specific service fees and manage complex invoicing options
  • E-invoice clients from the application
  • Integrate revenue and costs into accounting software like Tally, SAP FICO, etc
This application is tailor made for staffing agencies and professional services companies. The entire billing capability is flexible to handle complex billing rules and can be easily configured specific to each client. E-invoicing option allows users to generate invoices directly from the application. The application can also be integrated with accounting software for book keeping.
Employee Payroll Management System

Self-service portals

  • Enable employees to view payslips, declare investments, apply for leave, etc. (Click here for a video on declaring investments)
  • Authorise managers to approve and regularise leave and attendance, expenses, etc.
  • Offer employee outreach benefit programs like salary advances, personal loans, insurance, etc
The portal has simple interfaces for employees to quickly access any information or documents related to their payslips, investments, tax, etc. Employee engagement and benefit programs are also made available on the portal.
Attendance and Payroll Software

Advantages of Payroll Software

An efficient payroll management system helps reduce time and effort required to calculate the salary and other remunerations every month. As most of the calculations are automated based on pre-determined parameters, the chances of errors are almost nil. This system helps bring together attendance, leave, work timings, advances, increments, bonuses, reimbursements, and other details on one platform. So, there is no requirement to access multiple systems for data and reports. This tool also helps streamline and standardise the entire payroll process and ensures transparency in the calculations.

WHY APPI Payroll Software?

APPI is a fully automated payroll and billing software solution built for SMEs, staffing agencies and professional services companies. The automated system is built on workflows and rule engines that allow for easy adaptability to any change in statutory regulations or change in processes. Every month, you can calculate the payroll and generate salary pay-outs in just two steps.

This payroll management system for staffing agencies allows you to

  • Define client-specific rules for attendance
  • Define client-specific service fee rules for billing
  • Define client-specific rules for pay-out
  • Configure attendance and pay cycles based on client/employee
  • Configure billing sheets based on clients and services
  • Split invoices based on client specific criteria
  • Generate customized invoices for each client
  • Online approval of salary pay-outs
  • Integrate bank details for salary pay-outs
  • Automate payslip generation

Now manage payroll for your employees and clients efficiently using our APPI payroll software system. To know more about our HR and payroll management software, contact us now.

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APPI V-Brochure

Regularise Punch In Out Attendance

Punch In Out Attendance Employee

Attendance Regularisation

Declaring Tax Investments in APPI

Expense Management - Employee Workflow

Expense Management - Manager Workflow



Monthly Yearly
2999 /month

( Upto 20 employees)



per additional employee


( Upto 20 employees)



per additional employee


Monthly Yearly
11999 /month

( Upto 20 employees)



per additional employee


( Upto 20 employees)



per additional employee

Integrum helped us with a system that gives us excellent visibility of the bright spots and dark corners in the Company. The performance tracker has helped consolidate business data efficiently, providing excellent derivation of insights into individual contribution.

Aditya Narayan Mishra



For a smooth payroll and salary payout cycle every month (Configure and Forget).

For a tailor-made product/solution for your Staffing / Payroll outsourcing businesses.

For good customer support from functionally well-trained personnel and subject matter experts

For a replacement of your existing vendor in 4 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

APPI is the best payroll software in India because the salary processing is automated, accurate, fast and takes minimum effort among the available options in the market. All reports including payslips are auto generated and there is very less human intervention in the entire process leading upto the payouts.

APPI is the only HR payroll software India that is completely automated from the point of attendance submission till salary payouts. Most of the manual touch points required to conduct a payroll and generate reports have been automated. API banking is also available with select banks. It can be configured to manage global payroll and is also the only software which has an inbuilt and integrated billing module that can be easily configured to serve staffing agencies and HR professional services companies.

APPI payroll management system is scalable and can be used for companies having 10 to 100000 employees.

Apart from being an employee payroll management system, APPIalso doubles up as a HRMS to manage the employee life cycle right from his onboarding till separation. It is the perfect unified HR and payroll management software foryour organisation.

APPI is cloud based payroll software that is available on a subscription model.

APPI covers both online attendance and payroll software and HRMS also.

Though APPI is a cloud based payroll software, depending on compatibility of environment and subject to other conditions, APPI can be offered for on premise installation.

APPI payroll management system can be integrated with existing onboarding and leave & attendance systems using RESTful APIs. Any customisation would be charged additionally.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time. The refund for annual/monthly subscriptions will be done within 30 days based on prorata basis.

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