HR Onboarding Software

HR Onboarding Software

A workflow driven solution to conveniently onboard new hires and to never miss out on any required candidate information and documents.

What is an Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software facilitates the HR in smooth onboarding of new employees. From the initial stages of offering appointment letters to self-serviced online submission of documents by candidates, engaging with them, all the activities are done on an integrated software platform.

Kickstart a refreshing experience for your new hires through digital onboarding. A digital  employee onboarding platform ensures no paperwork, faster onboarding process, accurate capturing of all employee information and documents, making the entire process hassle free for your HR team. With an employee onboarding software, your new hires get to experience a convenient process to start their career in your organisation and this would help further improve your company’s branding.

Our employee onboarding platform is a workflow driven tool, which can be easily configured to meet your company’s requirements. Offer letters can be generated in a minute and shared with the candidates. All mandatory documents required for employee onboarding can be flagged, collected online from the employees during onboarding and can be verified digitally. This onboarding platform can help

  • Enhance HR productivity and efficiency
  • Create a great user experience for new hires
  • Accelerate the onboarding process
  • Capture all documentation from employees in digital format
  • Establish a seamless entry for new employees into the company’s system

Offer a digital experience like never before, for your new hires

Capture all relevant information from candidates effortlessly through simple user interfaces. Store candidate documents digitally and securely on AWS.

Employee Onboarding Platform

Know Your Candidate

Digitally Secure Documents

Maker – Checker Mechanism

Better Candidate Experience

Workflow Driven

Features of HR Onboarding Software

Candidate Onboarding

  • Conduct onboarding using Flash or Detailed mode
  • Know your candidates through the KYC process
  • Auto bank account verification
This platform helps cut down the time and effort required for the candidate onboarding process. All the soft copies of the candidate’s certificates and other documents can be stored on the platform. The entire onboarding process can be transparently conducted using this platform.
HR Onboarding Software

Automated Salary structuring

  • Auto-calculate salary breakup using annual/monthly values
  • Structure salary easily using Cost to Company, Net Take Home or Gross Salary values
  • Auto-validate minimum wages
Calculating the salary breakup is simple and accurate and can be done at the click of a button. Salary can be broken down using annual or monthly CTC / Gross Pay / Net Take Home. Multiple salary structures can be configured with calculation rules. Minimum wage validation is automatically validation during the salary breakup.
Employee Onboarding Platform

Offer Letter Generation

You can configure your letter templates and generate an offer letter on the HR onboarding software tool and share it with the candidate. The candidate can check the offer letter by using the OTP sent to his/her phone number. This method will help ensure confidentiality and reduce security breaches.
HR Onboarding Software

Configurable onboarding cycle

  • Define mandatory documents to be collected
  • Configure multiple verification levels
  • Add company policies and documents
Our HR onboarding platform is fully customizable and configurable based on organisational needs and requirements. From the details that need to be entered in the candidate profile to the salary breakup elements to the levels of approvals required, every section can be configured to your company’s onboarding process.
Employee Onboarding Platform

Candidate Experience

  • OTP based onboarding for candidates to view the offer letter
  • Digital acceptance of the offer made
  • Self-service portal to fill personal and employment information
For a candidate, the entire experience of onboarding would be refreshing. Right from OTP based validation to preview and accept an offer letter till the upload of documents, the candidate journey is simplified with intuitive interfaces.
HR Onboarding Software

How to Improve the Onboarding Process

With the right HR onboarding platform, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free onboarding experience for both the new hire and the HR team. One of the critical processes of onboarding is documentation. While the paperwork is very important for the management, too much paperwork can also make it confusing and cumbersome for the employee. Submitting soft copies makes it easy for the employees. It also avoids the need to physically and securely store the employee documents.

The key to a successful onboarding process is to make sure the new employee has a good entry experience. In many cases, the HR coordinate with just a few key persons in various teams while introducing a new employee to the team. To ensure a seamless onboarding process, it’s necessary to have a holistic approach to make the new employees feel welcome.

Tips to Select the Right Onboarding Software

You can either go for free or paid software platforms depending on your company’s budget and requirements. However, a paid software platform will give you more customizable options and ensure confidentiality. To find the software system that works best for your organization, your HR team needs to first create the onboarding lifecycle and elaborate on the essential software features required for each phase of the cycle. It can help narrow down your search and identify the best employee onboarding platform for your organisation.

How HR Teams Benefit from the Employee Onboarding Software Tool

There are many ways in which your HR team will benefit from using an employee onboarding software tool. It will free up the time spent on routine documentation work and help them focus on other important developmental tasks. The tool helps prevent duplication of candidate details and help in smooth employee onboarding.


  • Workflow driven application
  • Easy to configure
  • Can be integrated with your existing systems
  • Enables easy shift to paperless engagement
  • Has staff interface and candidate interface for ease of operation
  • Simplifies documentation process
  • Ensures transparency during the onboarding process
  • Improves company branding

Contact us to know more about our HR onboarding software platform and how it can be beneficial for your organisation.

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Generating an offer letter in 1 min



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( Upto 120 employees)



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per additional new hire


( Upto 10 employees)



per additional new hire

Integrum helped us with a system that gives us excellent visibility of the bright spots and dark corners in the Company. The performance tracker has helped consolidate business data efficiently, providing excellent derivation of insights into individual contribution.

Aditya Narayan Mishra



Enables issuing of offer letters in a faster and efficient manner.

Improves candidate experience during onboarding.

Is completely workflow driven and is easy to use.

Candidate information and documents are stored securely and are available at the click of a button.

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HR Onboarding Software FAQs

In PORT employeeonboarding software,offer letters can also be generated and provided as part of the onboarding process.

In this onboarding software, the documents submitted by a candidate can be verified by a separate team, like a maker-checker mechanism. Documents can be rejected by specific remarks and they can be re-submitted by candidates for re-verification.

PORT employee onboarding software allows the bank accounts to be auto-verified by the candidates using the penny drop method.

The provisions of pre-onboarding and post-onboarding activities are being included in the upcoming updated version of the employee onboarding platform.

In PORT, the documents submitted in the employee onboarding platformwill be stored and made available in the employee self service portal. All documents submitted in the onboarding process will be available in the employee login also.

PORT onboarding software can be integrated with existing payroll systems using RESTful APIs. Any customisation would be charged additionally.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time. The refund for annual/monthly subscriptions will be done within 30 days based on prorata basis.

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