Case Studies



Client is a leading player in the health care sector and used to onboard new candidates traditionally using joining kits and store candidate-related documents physically in files and folders. Offer letters were generated manually and shared over mail with the candidates.

Business Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 setting in, the possibility of candidates walking into offices to collect and fill the joining kits was very slim. Hiring was picking pace and for the new hires, onboarding had to be managed without any loss of candidate information and documents submitted by the new hires.


Integrum offered the client a digital platform to onboard their new hires. Offer letters could be generated from the application and shared online with the candidates to review and accept. A maker-checker mechanism was also made available to the client to validate the documents submitted by the new hires. And to top it, all documents submitted by the new hires were stored electronically and securely on Amazon Web Services.


The turn-around time to onboard a candidate fell drastically by more than 40%. The experience rendered to the new hires was fresh and this improved the branding of the organisation. Any communication with the new hires related to the employment could be established electronically, and all required documentation for employment could be collected through the online portal. Documents submitted by the candidate were more securely stored and could be retrieved at any point in time for quick reference. The organization transitioned to a completely digital and paperless mode in the onboarding function...