Benefits of employee onboarding

By admin | June 13, 2022


  • Stronger employee experience
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Acquiring Fresh Talent
  • Increased employee retention
  • Stronger Corporate Culture
  • Keeping Up with Ever-Changing Technology
  • Easier talent attraction
  • Strong support network
  • Enhanced productivity



Human resource is a very important asset of any business/organisation. Human Resource Management is a crucial part of the management tasks of an organisation. HRM is the effective management of the employees of an organisation to increase productivity individually so that the company can grow as a team. The different aspects of HRM include talent acquisition, employee onboarding, assessing the productivity of the team and implementing the necessary strategies for projected growth.

Talent acquisition is the first step toward hiring an employee where the HR manager decides whether the person can be a potential employee of the company. Once the interview process is completed, and the individual is selected, it is important to imbibe the company culture, the documentation process, and other vital documentation necessary for the employee to begin working.

Employee onboarding:

The process of completing the necessary documentation, induction process, elucidation of the company’s mission and vision, and other important processes that familiarise a new employee with the company is called onboarding. After formal employee onboarding, the new employee will be comfortable in getting started with the work and would have knowledge about the company’s processes.

Why employee onboarding?

If the new employee isn’t made to be familiarised with the company’s processes, shortcomings and errors might delay the business as usual and hamper productivity. All businesses would have been built on a platform of trust and any issue that might encroach the trust will be a major loss for the business. A process in the place to formally welcome an employee into the team will help boost their confidence and productivity. It is usual for any new employee to feel out of place for the first few days. However, a formal onboarding process will help them gel in with the people and grow together as a team.

It is the responsibility of the company’s HR managers to ensure that the new employee is made aware of the HR policies, leave policies, and to ensure that the company’s mission and vision are aligned with the new employees and that they are working together as a team.

Benefits of employee onboarding:

It is the duty of the HR managers to address and solve the issues of the employees on a regular basis.

  1. A formal employee onboarding will make the new recruits aware of the policies and procedures to avoid any unpleasant situations to occur in the future.
  2. Onboarding the employees through an official process, will help create a strong employee experience and the feeling of being heard and seen.
  3. By providing the necessary information and tools for the new recruit’s growth, the employee will have a satisfactory experience of learning and implementing the same.
  4. A proper employee onboarding program is not a day or a week procedure, it is a process over time that helps assess the skillset of the employees and creates avenues for upskilling for the employees. A satisfied employee will be easier to retain.
  5. People stay in jobs that challenge them and provide a venue to learn and grow instead of focussing only on the result and not helping with the process. HR managers need not spend much time on employee retention when they are creating possible venues for growth and development. Mutual growth is what employees expect from their company.
  6. Corporate culture- A corporate culture is a common vibe that is followed by an organization. A lot of corporates adopt a said scheme to balance work and leisure. Having a proper corporate culture is as simple as having some bonding activities and group activities on Friday post-lunch and organizing regular leisure activities like team outings help establish a strong corporate culture while the employees socialize outside of work.
  7. The company must also take some steps to keep their employees up-to-date with the ever-changing and emerging technologies. A regular training programme to upskill themselves based on their individual employee needs and requirements.
  8. A strong employee onboarding process will help attract new talents. Training programmes and other employee development programmes will help the recruits to feel valued and appreciated.
  9. A support network for the employees will be established and it will help solve their problems swiftly. The employees’ productivity will increase over a period of time with the regular training and development processes.


The employee onboarding process used to happen in person before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has created new avenues of development in the way employee onboarding was perceived. It will be challenging and time-consuming for the management to conduct training programmes for a huge MNC practically. An integrated HR management software with a customizable employee onboarding platform will be a good solution for the companies. Integrum’s PORT helps companies onboard their employees without any hassle. Our system allows the companies to secure all details and documents on a cloud-based secured platform. Our software is workflow-driven and provides a great user experience for your new recruits

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