10 Ways Technology Will Play A Key Role In Onboarding

By admin | April 5, 2022

Technology has been optimizing commercial sector processes since the beginning of the innovative era. Technology keeps evolving and thus allows corporations to develop. As the competition for exceptional skills is very high in the tech industry, it’s crucial to deploy every benefit to ensure you win. A better recruitment and onboarding system paves the way in ensuring that the applicants accept your job offers and also stay on board for a very long time.

Here are 10 advances in the field of business technology that are enhancing the onboarding procedure for the ones who’ve adopted them:

Paperless paperwork

For a lot of corporations, onboarding means having the hires fill in HR forms. Likewise, they get confined in a meeting room with a stack of paperwork to do. However, paperless forms can be accessed through a cellular device, so new employees can fill them from anywhere, anytime, and can also save their time with features such as autofill. By adopting this onboarding technology, personnel can overcome all the tedious paperwork with greater speed and spend more time getting accustomed to the new position.

Improved collaboration with remoteand offsite teams

Smart HRs know that technologies such as company chatroom and robust, cloud-based project management models are out there that enable new team members to stay connected, receive training virtually, and present a clear path to progress. If you’re providing remote work as an alternative to entice new personnel who prefer flexibility or as an approach to reduce organizational costs, ensure that you’ve got the relevant technology in place to support remote workers.

Virtual introductions

One of the crucial components of onboarding is getting acquainted with all of the new faces. It’s highly likely to forget names and what each colleague does. Video introductions permit new personnel to assess who’s who while not having to continuously ask for their names or designations.

Compliance with greater efficiency and precision

HR tech and applications protect companies from the risks of inefficient record-keeping with the capability to save and send files digitally. Generally, HR recruitment and onboarding applications provide HR teams with a to-do list of compliance to ensure they’ve managed every concern, and most cloud-based software program solutions offer companies automated updates in case compliance guidelines change. Utilizing HR technology to aid compliance also enables to regulate systems for new employees.


Albeit offline onboarding training is considered better among all, it leads to many personnel wanting more. A survey discovered that 47% of respondents desired to be able to look through the material at their pace. 39% desired to be able to return and analyze the material whenever they wanted to. Deploying greater technology throughout the onboarding process offers new hires these benefits. They also can revert to the training program for a restart anytime in their employment duration.

Transparent overallcommunication

For achieving success with better productivity and efficiency, your personnel requires data. Handling communication with HR technology is a principal resource for using HR software. Both new and old personnel require clear, steady communication to apprehend the expectation and work accordingly to reach their targets and turn into productive members of the team.

Onboarding metrics

Throughout the industrial sector, corporations are employing big data and analytics to turn their processes greater powerful and efficient. Onboarding can also be advanced by measuring and monitoring the appropriate metrics. It’s also crucial to track the performance of the new personnel during their employment. The statistics will point out the traits that simplify the process of making greater informed decisions about who to onboard and also how.

Improved HR insights

HR tech improves the general worker/HR relationship. It can also provide HR with a better comprehension of the necessity of onboarding practices in addition to a deeper understanding of worker satisfaction. HR toolbox mostly consists of built-in feedback equipment like post-training surveys which could notify your recruitment and onboarding system based on remarks from those who went through it.

Highly empowered personnel

When workers are permitted to engage with something at their pace, they tend to obtain a deeper apprehension of the content, in addition, to feeling greater immersed and engaged overall. Although an onboarding schedule continues to be a crucial component of the system, utilizing a software solution to assist and handle your recruitment and onboarding procedure offers personnel a greater sense of ownership in the process.

Create a knowledgebase and network

One of the major objectives of the onboarding process is informing new personnel about company culture, values, targets, techniques, and services. Having a supply of data handy can accelerate the entire onboarding process for new workers, and this is why knowledge bases are convenient. The entire system is resource-heavy, so the modern method is to invest in constructing an easy-to-use information base, providing crucial records about the organization.

Technological progress of all sorts makes ordinary life less difficult. So now it’s time for the onboarding strategy to level up. By understanding and incorporating the latest tech equipment out there, it becomes easier to make each recruit set off for speedy success.

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