The world around HR functions is changing and being digital is paramount. Adoption of new technologies to offer assistance in avoiding mundane tasks and bringing efficiency in business processes is on the rise. Employee experience is no longer a good-to-have option but an inherent need. Data churned from different transactions is required for deep insights and informed decision making.

Integrum offers a unified HR platform, with AI assisted recruitment solutions to automated payroll, that will transform your organization and make it future-proof.

Why Integrum?

HR Management Software - Integrum Technologies
  • Best HR software products conceptualixed and developed by industry experts from the world’s No.1 HR services provider.
  • An in-depth focus is given to end-users of the application, leading to simple and easy to use interfaces and processes.
  • All our HR/HCM software solutions are modular, scalable and secure and can fit small, medium and large enterprises.
  • India's first commercially available fully automated payroll, billing and salary payout HCM solutions for SMEs and professional services providers.

Our Products

  • Multi-posting Post your job instantly to popular job boards and receive candidate responses from multiple sources.
  • AI-driven candidate sourcing Auto-match best-fit candidates instantly on job requirement creation. Auto-reach out to candidates and check the interest level of candidates.
  • Configurable hiring workflows Define your own customizable hiring life cycle for a job requirement and track candidates at every stage.
Recruitment Software - HR Management Software
  • Offer letter generation in a minute Generate and issue offer letters effortlessly with auto-breakup of salary, all within a minute.
  • Truly paperless onboarding Capture candidate offer acceptance and collect candidate documents and personal information digitally.
  • Workflow driven Configure the flow of information to different stakeholders in the onboarding process and define actions to be taken.
HR Onboarding Software - HCM Software Solutions
  • Fully automated attendance to salary payout process. Complete your salary processing and salary payouts in 2 simple steps
  • Auto generation of payslips and compliance reports Auto generate payslips and compliance reports on completion of salary payout.
  • Employee Life Cycle Management Manage employee salary revisions, role changes, location transfers, contract extensions and separation, effortlessly.
  • Billing and Invoicing options Client contract specific service fee and e-invoicing solutions for staffing and payroll outsourcing agencies.
  • Self-service portal Online portals for employees to view payslips and apply for leave, declare investments, etc. Managers can submit attendance, approve leaves and expenses.
HRMS and Automated Payroll - Cloud HRMS
  • KPI definition and monitoring Define KPIs across roles in your organisation. Record, track and monitor progress on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual intervals.
  • Early feedback system Provide automated early feedback to members on work performed and progress achieved, at regular customizable intervals.
  • Talent management Rank employees on their performance and identify top talent using a scorecard.
Performance Management Tool - HCM Software Solutions

Invoices and Collections

  • Standardized data collation Receive structured invoice requests from distributed sources and with automated mailers, never lose any communication
  • Improved turn-around time Reduce time and effort in sharing invoices with clients with automation achieved through integration with popular accounting applications
  • Workflow assisted Configure approval mechanism, revenue sharing, notifications and integration options to publish data from and to any accounting software.
  • Greater transparency Provide visibility of work progress at different stages, collections made, outstanding details and invoices/credit notes raised.
Invoices and Collections - HCM software

What is HCM Software?

A Human Capital Management software is designed to help companies and employers manage their important assets, i.e. employees. It is also referred to as HRIS (human resources information system) or HRMS (human resources management system).

Utilizing a HCM software not only aids in improving and standardizing the business processes but also helps improve the overall experience of employees. Employee data is stored securely, can be accessed anytime and historical information is never lost. With the right HCM platform, your organisation paves the way for a healthy and engaged workforce.

Features of HCM Software

There are a few notable features that make the HCM software the right fit for organizations of all sizes.

  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee Life Cycle Management
  • Leave and Attendance Management
  • Payroll and Compliance Management
  • Performance and Talent Management.
  • Employee Wellness Management.
  • Self Service Portals

With these features, your business will be impacted positively in terms of better decision making, improved data accessibility, secured cloud storage with ease of retrieval, strategic focus, and productivity gains. Adding to this, our SaaS HCM software will also standardize and streamline your HR processes.

Benefits of HR Management Software

An HR management software is the ideal option for enhancing a company’s competitiveness. It gives your organisation the benefits such as;

  1. Ready availability of information, secured in one centralized and unified platform.
  2. Managing effectively the life cycle of workforce and engaging proactively.
  3. Ease of recording time-specific events like attendance, employee absence, etc.
  4. Standardizing HR processes and being compliant across processes.
  5. Long-term data security in the aspects of a cloud-based HR solution.

Because over 4.4 million new businesses were established last year around the globe. And It is now vital for the existing and upcoming organizations to ensure that they are much more organized and competitive than ever before. For that, it is crucial to automate monotonous HR processes and stay ahead of the game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS based HR management software is the core business for Integrum. Apart from this,Integrum also assists companies with HR Consulting and Services on request basis. These include candidate assessment and evaluation programs, payroll and compliance outsourcing.

IntegrumoffersSaaS HCM softwareonsubscription basis. However subject to agreeable conditions, it can offer these software to be installed on premise.

For transition from existing payroll applications, Integrum is committed to complete the migration into our Cloud HRMS application in about 4 weeks. For all other applications, users can start using the software as-is.

Integrum offers a provision of migrating the previous years data and linking them to the existing HCM softwareapplications. This migration exercise will be charged separately.

Integrum ensures the best when it comes to data security and integrity for it’sHR management software. All the data is secured on Azure cloud service provider. To ensure security, VAPT tests have been conducted and Integrum is working to get the ISO 27001 certification for information security

Among various Cloud HRMSproviders, Integrum is competing against the likes of Darwinbox, Keka HR, GreytHR, HROne and other players. Integrum wants to be the best HRMS software in India and is working towards it.

All the cloud HCM applications have a free trial period of 15 days.

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