Plug & Play HCM software
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We help companies of all sizes to automate and
simplify their HR processes.

Why Integrum?

  • HR software products conceptualised and developed by industry experts from world’s No.1 HR services provider.
  • In depth focus given on end users of the application leading to simple and easy to use interfaces and processes.
  • All solutions are modular, scalable and secure and can fit small, medium and large enterprises.
  • India's first commercially available fully automated payroll, billing and salary payout solution for human resources service providers.

Our Products

Recruitment Software

  • Multi-posting Post your job instantly to popular job boards and receive candidate response from multiple sources.
  • AI driven candidate sourcing Auto-match best-fit candidates instantly on job requirement creation. Auto-reach out to candidates and check interest level of candidates.
  • Configurable hiring workflows Define your own customisable hiring life cycle for a job requirement and track candidates at every stage.

Onboarding Platform

  • Offer letter generation in a minute Generate and issue offer letters effortlessly with auto-breakup of salary, all within a minute.
  • Truly paperless onboarding Capture candidate offer acceptance and collect candidate documents and personal information digitally.
  • Workflow driven Configure the flow of information to different stakeholders in the onboarding process and define actions to be taken.

Automated Payroll, Billing and Payout solutions

  • Fully automated attendance to salary payout process. Complete your salary processing and salary payouts in 2 simple steps
  • Auto generation of payslips and compliance reports Auto-generate payslips and compliance reports on completion of salary payout.
  • Employee Life Cycle Management Manage employee salary revisions, role changes, location transfers, contract extensions and separation, effortlessly.
  • Billing and Invoicing options Client contract specific service fee and e-invoicing solutions for staffing and payroll outsourcing agencies.
  • Self service portal Online portals for employees to view payslips and apply for leave, claim expenses, etc. Managers can submit attendance, approve leaves and expenses.

Performance Tracker

  • KPI definition and monitoring Define KPIs across roles in your organisation. Record, track and monitor progress on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual intervals.
  • Early feedback system Provide automated early feedback to members on work performed and progress achieved, at regular customisable intervals.
  • Talent management Rank employees on their performance and identify top talent using scorecard.

Invoices and Collections

  • Standardised data collation Receive structured invoice requests from distributed sources and with automated mailers, never lose any communication
  • Improved turn-around time Reduce time and effort in sharing invoices with clients with automation achieved through integration with popular accounting applications
  • Workflow assisted Configure approval mechanism, revenue sharing, notifications and integration options to publish data from and to any accounting software.
  • Greater transparency Provide visibility of work progress at different stages, collections made, outstanding details and invoices/credit notes raised.

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